FIFA World Cup 2022: Why Stars favour France to edge out Argentina in the final? | Astrology

It’s time for the greatest show on earth: the FIFA World Cup 2022 final! Various opinions and speculations have been floating around on who would finally go home with the trophy – Argentina or France? For the record, this will be for the first time that both these teams will be locking horns in the finals. Both these football giants have won the world cup twice and are now eying their third title. So, who would lift the trophy this time around in Qatar? Let us find out how stars and planets are aligned for both these teams.

The astrological analysis presented here is based on the horoscopes of the two captains – Lionell Messi of Argentina and Hugo Lloris of France.

Hugo Lloris is France’s most capped player. He is vastly experienced and has played an instrumental role in France winning the world cup in the past. He was born with Gemini as his ascendant ruled by the quick-paced Mercury with Libra being his Moon sign. He is going through a period of Saturn-Mercury-Rahu at present. Saturn and Mercury are his most important planets to give him name and fame, while Rahu in Pisces in his chart gives him the Midas touch. Rahu is strongly placed in his chart and becomes a strong fame giver.

Lionell Messi, on the other hand, is touted as the greatest player ever to play football. No player has made more world cup appearances as Messi. He ranks second for most World Cup wins as a player behind only Miroslav Klose. He was born with Capricorn as his ascendant ruled by hard-working Saturn. His Moon sign is Taurus, showing his resolute personality. At present, he is going through the dasha of Jupiter-Moon-Rahu. In his chart, Jupiter is strongly placed in an kendra house, while Moon-Venus conjunction makes him a strong contender to achieve greater heights.

However, the differentiator here seems to be Rahu. In both Lloris’ and Messi’s chart, Rahu is placed in Pisces, a sign ruled by Jupiter. But in Messi’s chart, Jupiter is a malefic, while in Lloris’ chart, Jupiter is the planet which will give him public fame and glory. Based on this analysis, it appears that France, under the leadership of Hugo Lloris, is more likely to pip Argentina and win the final of 2022 FIFA World Cup.


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