Flight Attendant Meets Her Favourite Teacher On Airplane After 30 Years

Flight Attendant Meets Her Favourite Teacher On Airplane After 30 Years

The flight attendant express her gratitude to her teacher on Teacher Appreciation Day in Canada

A teacher has a very crucial impact on students’ lives. They inspire the students to become a better version of themselves. In a video doing the rounds on the internet, an emotional flight attendant is seen expressing her gratitude to her school teacher, who she met after 30 years on a flight.

“Yesterday while we were boarding our flight from YYZ/LAX we had the pleasure to watch this reunion between one of our WestJet CSAs and her teacher. On international teacher day of all days! .Thank you Lora for sharing this moment with our crew, guest and of course Ms O’Connell.” the video caption reads.

Watch the video here:

The video was shared on Instagram by user Keona Thrasher. The flight attendant Lori speaks into the airplane’s microphone and expresses her gratitude towards Ms O’Connell who taught her in school. “Today is National Teacher’s Day so we are supposed to recognise the favourite teachers we have had in our entire lives. I am going to get emotional now, but today I saw my teacher from 1990, Ms O’Connell who is on board the aircraft,” she said.

Soon after, all the passengers are seen giving her a huge round of applause. The emotional flight attendant continued, “She is my favourite teacher ever and I have not seen her since 1990. This lady made me love Shakespeare, got me to play the piano, I have my master’s in piano, and I can write an essay. Thank you, Ms O’Connell. I love you”. Lori then runs across the aisle to hug her teacher.

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The video was captured on October 5 which is celebrated as as Teacher Appreciation Day in Canada.

The 75-second clip has amassed over 10 lakh views and 965 comments. Many internet users remembered their teacher and how they have shaped their lives. “Everyone knows who those teachers are. It’s time we start treating and paying teachers like the true treasures they are, ” added one user. Another said, “Beautiful. I’ll never forget the best teacher I ever had. She was my high school English teacher & her name was Mrs. Jane Syburg. She taught me to write, to love literature & theatre. Priceless gifts for a young mind. Thank you, Mrs. Syburg. You meant so much to so many. You were a legend.”

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