Florida Highway Shut After Truck Crash Spills Thousands Of Beer Cans

Florida Highway Shut After Truck Crash Spills Thousands Of Beer Cans

Image portrays beer canes spilled over everywhere on the road.

A busy Florida highway was forced to get shut down after multiple accidents as thousands of beer cans from a delivery truck were spilt across the busy route, said a report from the Independent. A semi-trailer collided with another vehicle on Interstate 75 while it was changing lanes near Hernando County, which is about 30 miles north of Tampa, the publication further said.

Following an accident involving five vehicles and a pickup, images and videos from early on Wednesday morning revealed thousands of Coors Light beer cans strewn across a roadway close to Tampa. According to UPI.com, the incident took place at about 6 am.

The major route had to be closed for hours to allow for cleanup before being restored to traffic later that day. The inner lanes were opened to traffic, according to local media reports, at roughly 8.30 am, around two or two and a half hours after the collision, reported the Independent.

A thread was shared on the official Twitter handle of Florida Highway Patrol Tampa on Wednesday along with the pictures of beer cans scattered on the highway.

According to the thread, the southbound lanes of I-75 and MM296 remain closed after the accidents and the traffic was diverted to SR-50. The lane was later opened after a few hours and there were only minor injuries reported, the post further said.

But it took six hours around noon local time for the remainder of the road to becoming functional. As per a local media’s satellite imagery, following the unexpected obstruction on the roadway, the automobiles were seen backed up for kilometres, while another footage showed people working for hours to clean up the area so that the traffic could continue, the outlet further said.