Football fans wearing shiny crystal jerseys impress netizens. Watch

The FIFA world cup fever has surely taken over the world. Now, as the finals are about to come, many cannot contain their excitement and support their favourite teams in every way possible. Recently, a short clip of two fans wearing shiny costumes caught the netizens’ attention. One of the fans seems to be wearing the jersey of Brazil and the other of Portugal.

Their costumes are studded with shiny crystal triangles. From their shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes to even their hands, face, and hair- all are covered in the bright-looking jersey. As they walk past an area, the people around them can’t take their eyes off the two fans.

Take a look at the video here:

This video was shared a week ago. Since being uploaded on Instagram page @actufoot this video has been liked more than two lakh times, and the number also seems to be increasing. There are several reactions as well.

An Instagram user commented, “As a costume designer these are so freaking cool. I would love to be able to make something this good.” A second person said, “That looks so freaking awesome!!!” “Omg I just want to sparkle like them! Is it a costume? I need,” said a third person. A fourth user added, “Whatever costume contest they are having, give these guys the gold! That is beyond creative and clever!!”