For The First Time Ever, Three Captains Will Rule The Bigg Boss House

New Delhi: In the 16th season of the show, something that has never happened in the Bigg Boss house will unfold. Soon, the house will have three captains in charge at once, a first for the reality show. There will be multiple captains chosen from among the competitors for a special task that involves art, artists, and muses.

The master of the house chooses muses like Shalin Bhanot, Tina Datta, Sumbul Touqeer, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, and Soundarya Sharma, who are candidates for captaincy, and has them pose within a giant frame. The rest of the contestants will be asked to unanimously decide on the five artists, who must go to the canvas placed in front of the muses and vote for three of their favourite contenders by sticking their pictures on the canvas one after the other.

The artists may tear the canvas apart if they don’t agree with the elected candidates of the previous artist, so the last artist to come to the canvas has an advantage in deciding who gets to don the captain’s mantle. It will be interesting to watch three times the drama as three captaincies unfold in the coveted house for the first time.

Amid the captaincy race, the house witnesses a huge fight brewing between wild-card entrants Vikas Manaktala and Sreejita De. It all starts with Archana Gautam mocking Sreejita for the bhindi she cooked. Consequently, an annoyed Vikkas chooses soybean over bhindi, and that’s when Sreejita warns Vikas to check the food for insects in jest. The joke doesn’t go down well with Vikas, who has an upset stomach and launches into a brawl with Sreejita. 

Eventually, Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot, who were known to have feelings for each other, discuss the events that led to the former’s exit from the show. Shalin’s choice of money over love on ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ led to a huge analysis of “Pyaar bada ki paisa?”.

Tina harbours the pain of having been betrayed by Shalin, and in tonight’s episode, she gets candid about her thoughts on him not preventing her eviction despite having the option of doing so. Shalin, who showed that he missed her after she was temporarily evicted, tries his best to justify not saving Tina from eviction.