Forest Officer Shares Fascinating Photo Of Green Snake, Internet Says ”It Looks Like CGI”

Forest Officer Shares Fascinating Photo Of Green Snake, Internet Says ”It Looks Like CGI”

Internet users were left intrigued by the pictures

Snakes are one of the deadliest and scariest reptiles existing on earth. However, their unique and amazing abilities often make them fascinating creatures. There are over 3,000 different species of snakes and they can survive in a wide range of habitats throughout the world. Recently, Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan, who is well-known for sharing intriguing wildlife content, posted another interesting picture leaving internet users fascinated. 

On  Monday, he tweeted a picture of a Green Pit Viper nestled between wild mushrooms. The tiny and green snake stands out amidst the mushrooms because of its bright colour, and it definitely looks beautiful. Mr Kaswan wrote, “I was just observing the mushrooms. Suddenly found this beauty. They look so unreal and colourful. Can stay for hours like this. During a long field walk. Called as Green Pit viper.”

In a follow-up tweet, he shared more pictures of the snake and wrote, ” Sharing some more pictures. As I said they look so unreal.”

See the pictures here:

Needless to say, internet users were left intrigued by the pictures and left a variety of comments. Many commented that the pictures look like a ”work of CGI”, while others couldn’t believe that it was real. 

A Twitter user wrote, “Looks like a work of CGI. It’s so unreal that it looks like it is placed on the mushroom through photoshop.” Another commented, ”’s so amazing. Mind blowing. Looks like a photoshopped image.. (though I know it’s not).” A third said, ” Wow.. that’s so beautiful..I wish someday I get a chance to meet you & be with you on your field trip and be able to see such beauty of nature and learn from you.” A fourth said, ”Wao.. it’s really fascinating,” while a fifth added, ”Is it real?’

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