Former India Skipper Kapil Dev’s Controversial Remark On Pressure Of Playing In IPL Know Details

1983 World Cup-winning captain Kapil Dev had faced backlash, a few months back, for his controversial statement regarding depression and mental health. There’s still no change in Kapil Dev’s stance. He has once again made a no-nonsense comment on modern-day cricketers complaining about playing cricket for the national team and IPL. The veteran asserted a player who cannot deal with pressure should “set up a banana shop or sell eggs”. Kapil Dev gave this statement while addressing a gathering in a public event in Kolkata. Video of Kapil’s bold remake has gone viral on social media.

“I keep hearing ‘We are playing the IPL. There is so much pressure.’ This word is so common, right? To them, I say ‘Don’t play’. Who is asking you to? There is pressure, but if you are playing at that level, you will be admired and abused. If you are afraid of abuses, then don’t play. You are representing the country and you have pressure? How is that possible?

“Out of a country of 100 crore, 20 of you are playing and then you say you have pressure? Instead, say it’s a matter of pride. You are getting so much love from people. Learn to take that pride,” Kapil said during the event which was live streamed on Facebook.

“Pressure is an American word. If you don’t want to work, don’t. Is anyone forcing you? Jaa ke kele ki shop lagao. Ande becho ja ke.But when you have gotten an opportunity, why do you take it as pressure. Take it as pleasure and have fun with it. The day you start doing it, the job will appear easy. But if you call the same thing pressure, nothing good can come of it,” he added.

Many star cricketers in modern-cricket, including Glenn Maxwell and Virat Kohli have spoken openly about their struggles with mental health. In 2021, England’s world-cup winning hero Ben Stokes had announced a lengthy break from the sport to focus on his mental health.