Friendship Day 2022: 7 special things to do for your friend

Friendship Day 2022: The day dedicated to friends and all the beautiful friendships all over the world is slated to be celebrated on August 7. Friendship Day in India is observed on the first Sunday of the month of August. On this day, we celebrate the existence of our friends in our lives and how much they have contributed to us being what we are today. Friendship is one of the most unconditional relationships of the world and friends make our lives more beautiful. They are the ones who are beside us in times of trouble and in times of happiness. Friends bring extra joy and meaning to our lives and we are forever grateful to them.

On Friendship Day, friends are celebrated and are pampered to bits for being what they are. On this Friendship Day, shower your best friend with a whole lot of love and let them know how much they mean to you. We have curated a list of things which you can do for your friend on this special day:

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Greetings card: Handmade gifts never go out of style. Trace your journey from starting to become friends to the road of life you both have traversed together in the card. It will definitely be the reason of your friend’s smile.

Photobook: Make a scrap book with all the memories captured in photographs. Write your own personalised notes, inside jokes on the pages. Gift it to your best friend on Friendship Day.

Buy a gift: Order a gift for your friend. Do not forget to make it personalised so that every time they look at it, it reminds them of you.

Go for an impromptu trip: Call up your friends and ask them to just get inside the car. Drive away to some place which holds a lot of memories for the group. Spend the day reminiscing of old times and making new memories.

Dinner date: Go on a dinner date with your best friend. Talk through the night on the time you have shared together and the forever that will follow.

Picnic: Pack a lunch of your friend’s favourite food and drive to the nearby beach or the park – spend the day talking of gossips, life and embracing the beautiful friendship that you share.

Virtual meet: Best friends might be separated by distance, but they are always connected at heart. Fix a virtual meet with your bestie over Zoom and chat the night away.

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