Girl dancing to Saami Saami in saree and heels wins hearts online. Watch

Dancing videos are pretty popular online. Many love to watch people groove to Bollywood music’s tunes and lose themselves in the hook steps. While some may practice and perform a dance, others may freestyle. In any case, dance videos surely are interesting to watch. Recently, a video of a girl dancing to the popular song Saami Saami while wearing a saree and heels has gone viral on the net.

In a video uploaded by Instagram user @anushreeshewale, you can see her dressed in a maroon saree and wearing heels. Before starting the dance, she ticks the saree and begins the steps. The woman can be seen energetically dancing, and the people around her are cheering her on.

Take a look at the full video here:

Isn’t it amazing? This video was shared on the social media platform just three days ago. Since being shared, it has been liked more than two lakh times and has had several comments.

Take a look at the comments here:

One person in the Instagram comments said, “That was so so good. It was fun seeing the dance.” Another one said, “With saree and heel, you’re not aware about your own super natural powers!” A third person added, “You Nailed it, bro watched this more than 10 Times.”