Google Pixel Fold Screen Issues Died Fragile Breaking One Day Purchase Ars Technica

It seems like Google’s maiden foldable phone is too fragile for commercial use as the new Pixel Fold Google Pixel Fold launched last month and available in select markets, is facing screen issues. Several users of Google Pixel Fold are complaining about screen issues within hours of using the phone. According to Ron Amadeo, a reviewer from Ars Technica, who first spotted the issue his Pixel Fold had a broken inner display after just using it for four days.

Amadeo’s Pixel Fold’s flexible OLED screen died after four days of usage. The bottom 10 pixels of the Pixel Fold went dead first, forming a white line of 100 per cent brightness pixels that blazed across the bottom of the screen. The entire left half of the foldable display stopped responding to touch, too, and an hour later, a white gradient started growing upward across the display, said a report by Ars Technica.

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According to a Reddit user named @marcusr_uk a bright pink line appeared across the screen of their Pixel Fold, just after a few hours of use. Even after resetting the software the line did not go away.

“I saw a brief flash of a bright pink line once or twice, but hoped for the best, but then as I was sat browsing the web, this bright neon pink line appeared from edge to edge and has survived a software reset,” the user wrote.

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This comes as the foldable smartphone market is seeing stiff cometition from other handset makers. OnePlus, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023, had confirmed that its first foldable phone would be launched in the second half of the year. While OnePlus is likely to release its OnePlus V Fold with Hasselblad camera, Samsung is also likely to refresh its Galaxy foldable lineup with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 next month in Seoul, South Korea.