Google’s Pixel 6a Display Can Run At 90Hz If You’re Willing To Mod It

The Google Pixel Pixel 6a was recently launched after a lot of leaks and rumours and it seems like a decent smartphone in the price segment it is offered, but it gave way to some debate as it supports only 90Hz of refresh rate. However, turns out that there is a way to unlock a higher refresh rate on the Google Pixel 6a, the media has reported.

There is apparently a method to unlock a 90Hz mode on the mid-range Pixel 6a’s 6.1-inch display running at 60Hz, according to a modder who is on Twitter with the user name TheLunarixus. He has created a mod to unlock the 90Hz mode on the Pixel 6a, and they’re working on a custom ROM to make it easy for any Pixel 6a owner to unlock the improved refresh rate, said a report by The Verge.

Several reviewers have pointed out that there are similarities between the Samsung panel used in the Google Pixel 6a shares similarities to the one found on the Google Pixel 6. The reviewers pointed it out as the Google Pixel 6’s panel runs at 90Hz and hence assumed that the panel on the Pixel 6a can also run at 90Hz with some software tweaks. This has been shown off by TheLunarixus.

The Pixel 6a was on July 21 made available in India in a single 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage variant at a price of Rs 43,999. The smartphone comes with accurate speech recognition features including recorder, live caption, and live translate. It also comes with an adaptive battery that can last over 24 hours and up to 72 hours when in Extreme Battery Saver mode which is a first for Pixel phones, the tech giant has claimed.

Meanwhile, according to a post published on r/Android, last month, two different videos on YouTube elaborate on the Pixel 6a’s fingerprint scanner to prevent unregistered users from accessing the device. The first YouTube video has been posted by YouTuber Geekyranjit, who said to have unlocked the Pixel 6a with two of his thumbs, despite having registered only one thumb’s fingerprint as security.