Here’s all you need to know about Pakhtooni Dal, the first cousin of Dal Makhani

First, soak 2 cups of Sabut Urad dal overnight or for 6-8 hours. After soaking, drain the water and put the soaked dal inside a pressure cooker. Add salt to taste along with enough water to boil it. Then, let the dal boil for three to four whistles. Meanwhile, put a kadhai over medium flame and add 4-5 tbsps butter to it. When it is melted, add ginger-garlic paste to it and saute well until the raw smell of garlic goes away. Now, add 1 1/2 cups of tomato puree to the kadhai and give a nice stir. Let the puree cook for 2-3 minutes. By now, the dal must have boiled. Open the lid and add the boiled urad dal to the kadhai, and mix everything well. Next, add 1 cup water to this mixture and let the dal cook for 4-5 minutes. Now, add 1 tsp cumin powder, 1 tsp coriander powder and 1 tsp red chilli powder to the kadhai, and mix very well. Cook the dal for 4-5 minutes. Finally, add 1 cup of fresh cream to it along with 2 pinches of garam masala and give a nice stir, once again. Put a lid on the kadhai and let the dal cook for 15-20 minutes or maybe 30 minutes. Stir in between so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom. Turn off the gas now and garnish with chopped coriander leaves. Dal Pakhtooni is ready to eat, you can enjoy it with Jeera Rice, Naan or even Paratha with a side of Achaar and Papad.