How can you protect your emotional energy? Expert suggests ways

Protecting your emotions and your emotional energy is extremely important. Having good and positive emotional energy further contributes to physical, mental, sexual and spiritual energy of the body. Speaking of protecting the emotional energy, Marriage and Family Therapist Emily H Sanders wrote, “Protect your emotional energy. Turns out that protecting your emotional energy also contributes to your physical, mental, sexual, and spiritual energy.” Emily further noted down a few ways by which we can protect our emotional energy:

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Check schedule: Before committing to new plans, it is important to check the current schedule and know if any further activities can be added to it. It also helps us in reflecting if that is the activity we are even interested in taking up.

Clean up social media: The media, podcasts and the news outlets we are exposed to on a daily basis also shape our emotions in ways. The media outlets that serve us with negative information and fake ones, should be cleaned up. We should be aware of the information we are letting ourselves be exposed to.

Triggers: it is important to introspect and know the elements that trigger us. We should consciously address them or stay away from them.

Turning down: it is okay to turn down activities and projects that we are not good with. Taking them up can mentally and emotionally exhaust us.

Ask questions: Incorporate the habit of asking questions of the things that we are not sure of. Anxiety builds up from the fact that we are unsure of things. We can avoid the same.

Limit the time: Identify the people who drain you mentally – limit the time you spend with them.

Advice or listening ear: Sometimes people just need to be listened to – often they misunderstand that as a cry for advice. In such cases of confusion, it is best to ask the person what they want – advised r be listened to.

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