How The Songs, Including Sami Sami, Contributed In The Film’s Big Success

New Delhi: December 17 marks one year of Allu Arjun’s film ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ which became a rage after its release. It is one of the biggest and most successful films that ushered in a new wave of Pan-India films and shook the box office during one of its most challenging phases. While many factors contributed to the monstrous success of Pushpa, the blockbuster songs from the film were one of the biggest influences on the impact the film went on to make. 

When we talk about record-breaking songs, no list is complete without Pushpa’s ‘Saami Saami’, which almost became an anthem nationwide – was played on social media, not to mention ruled airwaves, was part of Navratri festivities, weddings, and just about any occasion or event that called for celebration. The craze of the song was subsequently seen from the kids to the elder ones. It created magic among the audience of all age groups across boundaries.  

Rashmika Mandanna took ‘Saami Saami’ to the next level with her signature moves, the iconic hook step, and her sans makeup look on the track. The success of the song cemented her truly ‘Asharfi’ position as the ‘Golden Girl’ fitting the lyrics of the film’s other iconic track ‘Srivalli’.   

The actress brought raw authenticity and let all inhibitions go while performing this track and the result was another blockbuster song that captured the hearts of the nation and contributed to making ‘Pushpa’ the biggest and most successful film. 

With millions of views on its Telugu and Hindi versions, ‘Saami Saami’ continues to remain an audience favorite even after a year of its release. 

Not just ‘Saami’, ‘Oo Antava’ was another foot-tapping number that became a rage and Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s oomph added the charm of the song. The melody of ‘Srivalli’ made it one of the top romantic songs of the year.