How To Check For Signs Of Accidents/Damages

All you need to do is visit a user portal where second-hand cars are on sale at an affordable price.  As the choices are plenty, you need to be more careful and wise to select a good used car.  Sometimes, the seller gives misleading information, and you end up buying a damaged car, which was restored to look like new.  So to keep yourself away from scams, read on!

People generally buy a used car to hone their driving skills before going for a new car.  On the other hand, some others buy due to their budget issue.  Either way, a car is precious to its owner.  The desire to own a car has led to a thriving business market, where you can buy a used car at an affordable price. In these cases, you need to be careful enough, else you might get scammed and thus end up buying a damaged car for yourself.

How To Check For Signs Of Accidents/Damages

Before you buy a used car, assess the car’s whole body if there is any past damage; that will tell you the real value of the car.  Make sure your verdict not only depends on how the car is looking.  At times, you might find an attractive car, but do you think it is worth going for?

The biggest problem one could ever face while inspecting a car at the dealer’s place.  That time you need to be extra careful so that you cannot get duped with a faulty, damaged car.  Here are the tips and tricks that will help you to inspect thoroughly before taking any decision.

Exterior comes first

Every person has a different perspective to inspect a car.  Before you come to any conclusion, the first thing you should do is to go for the exterior part of a car.  Touch your palm on the body of that particular car.  If there is any dent, you will feel it immediately.  Then go for the overall details like glancing at the front bumper, headlights, windscreen, indicators and the boot; if you spot something unusual or irregularity about the car, notify that to the owner or the salesmen.  Tell them how or what part of the car is not making you comfortable enough to buy it.

Check for other parts or modifications.

Sometimes, to make the car more attractive looking, the sellers change the parts of the car with cheaper parts and sell them at a high price.  They even modify it after handling them roughly.  In either case, you should look for the parts like exhausts, air filters, bent pipes very carefully.  If you ever cross paths with any heavily modified car, then you should know that car has gone through some rough patches.  Stay away from those cars or crosscheck with the sellers about all your queries.


Side areas are the primary concern.

During your thorough inspection, don’t forget about the joint parts like the doors and the under-the-side black plastic casing areas.  If you remove that casing, you will see some punching holes, which are generally made by the manufacturer’s end.  If you look carefully, you will see heavily modified cars either have welding joints or are completely smooth.  This is how you will know if the car has been in an accident or not.

Look for the make and year of the tyre.

The five tyres of the cars should be of the same brand.  So if the tyres are worn out, they should have been replaced at the same time.  If you see the multiple tyre brands, crosscheck them and feel free to ask the seller about this.


To Conclude

If the used car passes all the tests or the inspection goes well congratulations!  You have got the winner.  However, feel free for a test drive before sealing the deal or getting confused between two cars.  This is an important exercise before opting for a particular car, and it should be done properly.  Once you are done with everything, choose the car that fits and suits you.