‘I Am A Way More Cautious Person’

New Delhi: Alia Bhatt is a new mom to a baby girl whose name her fans are eagerly waiting for to be announced. As the 29-year-old is on a maternity break, a recent interview of hers with a leading magazine has been creating healdines. In it, Alia Bhatt spoke about her pregnancy, accepting yourself physically( especially women), her Hollywood plans, and how she relates to her character Isha from ‘Brahmastra’, her most recent release.

In an interaction with Marie Claire, Alia shared thar, “(Isha is) the youngest character I’ve played. And I don’t mean in terms of age. I mean in terms of soul, because she’s really just attracted to adventure and wonder. And that’s what makes her go on this journey. I’m very impulsive sometimes and very instinctive.”

“And sometimes that works in my favor and sometimes works against me because many times I suddenly feel like, Maybe I shouldn’t have responded that way. I’m a way more cautious person maybe than my character is, but I think [I tend to]…just surrender to what feels right in that moment and just do it,” Alia added.

Alia also spoke about how being healthy internally is more important as opposed to looking a certain way. “Be healthy internally, not obsessive about the way you look superficially. It’s not about every little splodge of skin on your body. You can’t be squishing it and thinking, This is an issue. That is an issue. And of course, I have my days, I’ve had my days. But I’m saying, if you pick on yourself first, then you’re inviting every other [person’s] negative thoughts towards your body.”

“If you yourself are armed with confidence and a certain level of appreciation for the way you look and the way you are, then nothing in the world will bother you…especially in the world of Instagram and TikTok and all these filters. Feel good from the inside. Stay active, eat good foods. Eat crap as well, if you want. Because if that’s something that you want to do on a particular day, please go ahead and do it. You have one life, so just enjoy it as much as possible, ” Alia’s advise for young women out there.

Alia also spoke about her path in Hollywood. She said, “I’m trying to explore as many arenas as possible. It’s not just ticking Hollywood off my list. It’s not just doing any old Hollywood movie, or just doing any sort of content that comes from anywhere. The idea is to constantly challenge myself and put myself in rooms that are challenging and roles that are uncomfortable. I think working in a new industry always does that. I would also do my first Japanese movie tomorrow if I knew how to speak the language. The intention is to continuously push myself so that I’m not bored and I am not stagnating.”

While Alia is looking after her newborn right now, fans are really excited to see her make a comeback and work on the film ‘Jee Le Zaraa’ with Farhan Akhtar co-starring Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif.