“I caught my date kissing another woman before our meeting”

Query: I caught my date kissing another woman right before our first meeting. I am not sure if we should continue seeing each other or not. We had just talked over phone calls and text messages before meeting each other. Technically, he didn’t cheat on me because he kissed someone else right before we met for the first time. But I feel skeptical. What should I do?

Response Aashmeen Munjaal: You have to understand one thing as you experienced: Technically, he hasn’t cheated on you because you two were not in a committed relationship; rather you were just talking over chat or messages or calls, so you should understand this firstly that it could maybe a friendly relationship or an intellectual relationship or maybe an emotional or sentimental relationship.

But what you saw was a physical relationship.

So he is not forcing on you to have a physical relationship, he is not expecting you to be in a physical relationship, mandatorily.

What he has done is already done.

But once you choose to start a committed relationship and then you choose to have a physical relationship with another person as well, and you’re no longer just intellectual or sentimentally for each other, THEN IT MAY BE A PART FOR YOU TO WORRY ABOUT!

But right now, you need to understand, whatever he is doing is a part of his personal choices for his physical requirements, or whatever physically he is doing.

– Whatever is happening with you is not a part of that particular domain of human life.

– First, we all need to understand the different needs of human life, and whatever he is doing with you is maybe a platonic relationship or maybe a friendly relationship, or maybe an intellectual relationship, so nurture it.

– Be really grateful for the good conversation or good time you are spending together.

– If you are going further in this relationship and you want to include a physical commitment also, physical loyalty as well for each other, then yes you can talk about that and you can manifest it: if you are really serious and committed to the long term, all domains included relationship.

All domains included means I think every human is confused, you have a financial commitment, you have a physical commitment, emotional and intellectual, so those different domains, where a human needs companionship or someone for their needs or hunger or desire to be fulfilled.

So firstly you can manifest all you want. If you want companionship with that person, manifest it accordingly.

If physical companionship is one of that, that you want loyalty, full-heartedly loyalty only towards you, then manifest it.

How can you do that? By thinking about how he is loyal to you over calls, messages, meetings, dates or maybe in a long-term relationship. Analyse how much you are willing to be with him or be there for one another.

So this is a very beautiful question and I hope you will find your own answer in this conversation.

Ontologist and Relationship Expert Aashmeen Munjaal, founder Shukrana Gratitude Foundation

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