IIT-Madras Pravartak Technologies offers advanced quantum computing course

CHENNAI: Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-Madras) said on Wednesday said its tech innovation hub Pravartak Technologies Foundation is organising a two-week course on Advanced Quantum Computing with hands-on training on IBM QISKIT. The foundation is a section 8 company housing a hub on sensors, networking, actuators and control systems.
The advanced quantum computing course will focus on introducing specialised topics to the participants who are familiar with the fundamentals of quantum computing. It will also introduce QISKIT runtime, a method for programming in IBM QISKIT. The course, being offered in collaboration with the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) India and Mphasis Centre for Quantum Information, Communications and Computing (MCQuICC), will be conducted on the IIT-M campus between December 5 and 16. The course is open to participants from industries and government organisations. The last date to register is December 2.
The Mphasis Centre for Quantum Information, Communication and Computing (MCQuICC) has been established at IIT-M to conduct research in the field of quantum technology with the goal of developing applications in the areas of secure quantum communications, including quantum key delivery, quantum random number generation, quantum sensing and metrology.