In UP Shocker, Injured Girl Seeks Help, People Busy Filming Her

Kannauj: The girl had to wait for help until the police arrived.


In a disturbing video from Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj, a young girl, badly wounded, pleads for help but a group of men stand around her filming her on mobile phones. The 13-year-old was found with multiple injuries, including on the head, hours after she vanished from her home on Sunday.

The teen holds out her bloodstained arms, apparently reaching out for help, but the men are busy filming her from different angles in the 25-second video.

A voice is heard asking whether the police were informed. Another asks for the police chief’s number. But the filming continues with no attempt to help the girl.

The girl had to wait until the police arrived.

A second video, which also went viral, showed a policeman running to an autorickshaw with the injured girl in his arms.

“The minor girl was found in an injured condition and the local police rushed her to the hospital for treatment,” said Superintendent of Police Kunwar Anupam Singh in a statement.

A case has been registered based on a complaint by the girl’s family, said police.

It’s not clear if the girl was sexually assaulted. No one has been arrested.