India And UAE Want To Use Their Relationship To Shape A Changing World EAM S Jaishankar At India Global Forum Dubai

External Affairs Minister Dr. S Jaishankar on Monday said that India and the UAE are two countries that want to use their relationship to shape a changing world. Jaishankar made the remarks while addressing the India Global Forum on India-UAE. 

Speaking on the India-UAE relationship, the minister said, “India and UAE are two countries very comfortable, who’ve known each other for a long time and who want to use this relationship today in a changing world, not just to survive in a changing world, but to shape a changing world.” 

“So, it is in many ways a very ambitious relationship because it’s not limited really by its bilateral possibilities. I’m very confident that as we get deeper into the relationship, it will also make itself felt at the global level,” he added, quoted ANI. 

On concluding of Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement, he said, “The fact that we were able to conclude the agreement so quickly and has led to such effective results, thereafter, speaks really volumes for the relationship. We’re now moving into new areas.” 

“Today, our discussions are about space, education, artificial intelligence, health, and startups. The old, traditional energy trade investments continue, but a new agenda is also coming into being,” he said. 

Jaishankar also talked about the emergence of multipolarity in today’s world. He said, “75 years ago we talked in binary terms of the US & the USSR, of the West & East. Today you actually have more independent or autonomous centres of decision-making. So, the more rebalancing, the more we are going to see the emergence of multipolarity.”