Indian Overseas Congress Endorses Shashi Tharoor As Party President, Writes To Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi: Ahead of Congress president election, the Indian Overseas Congress, United States has written a letter to party interim president Sonia Gandhi endorsing Shashi Tharoor for the post. The Thiruvananthapuram MP received the nod on Monday from Sonia Gandhi to run for the post of party president.  

“It is with sadness that I write this letter as we watch several stalwarts who laboured for the Congress party over the years say goodbye. The 2024 national elections are fast approaching. The Congress party has a monumental task ahead if we are to stand any chance against the Modi juggernaut,” stated the letter dated August 26. 

“Since Mr. Rahul Gandhi has resolved not to run for any party post, I make the following case below. Without allocating blame against anyone for the current fiasco, let me state that INC can redeem itself in the nation’s eye while giving a fresh start if we select/elect someone of a great stature who can make an immediate impact.”

“That person is none other than Dr. Shashi Tharoor. Anyone else selected from the inner circle will have minimum impact and will be perceived only as an underling of the current system of governance. The Congress party can ill-afford to keep losing the perception battle,” it said further. 

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Pitching Tharoor for the post, the IOC described him as “great parliamentarian”, “master communicator”, “mass leader”, “24×7 workaholic”, and a “man of integrity and honour”. 

Apart from Tharoor, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is also being seen in fray who is believed to be a top contender for the post. Gehlot has however denied his candidature but sources told ABP News that he is expected to file his nomination on September 26. 

Tharoor was one of the 23 leaders of the party who had written to Sonia Gandhi in 2020 demanding organisational overhaul, a group of which Ghulam Nabi Azad was also a member who quit the party recently.