Indians Applaud Japanese Singer Fujii Kaze’s Music Video Set in Uttarakhand

Indians Applaud Japanese Singer Fujii Kaze’s Music Video Set in Uttarakhand

Fujii Kaze is a popular Japanese R&B singer.

Fujii Kaze, a Japanese R&B singer who has a large following in his home country, has gained the attention of Indian audience as a result of one of his songs going viral on various social media platforms. Fujii Kaze’s song “Grace,” which was released on YouTube on October 9, has taken over the Indian audience worldwide. One of the main reasons is the video, which depicts Indian culture.

According to the press release in Arama! Japan, the song serves as the theme song for his collaboration with Docomo, “Kaze Films docomo future project.” The song was written to reflect the project’s theme that everyone has talent. Kaze shot the video in India, in the state of Uttarakhand. The video has a joyful mood, reflecting the song’s lyrics about being thankful for the grace that we have in our lives.

Watch the music video here:

Within a month of its release, the song has received over 10 million views on YouTube alone. This song is making waves on a range of different platforms.

The music video’s visuals appear to awe Indian viewers because they depict many basic places of Indian daily life, such as train stations, a marketplace, around temples, chai shops, and more. Like in other Hindi film songs, the singer is accompanied by a large group of happy people who dance along with him. The song is about being thankful for the grace that exists in our lives.

Several Indian social media users are leaving interesting remarks in the comments section of the YouTube video.

“As an Indian, I thank you so much for showing our culture, and the philosophy of this song is what is described in our Vedas.”Aham Brahmashmi,” meaning I’m the universe, so looking for happiness on the outside is pointless; instead, search for it inside and enjoy the feeling of oneness,” one viewer commented. 

“This is so wholesome. I’m so thankful to him for showing this side of India,” commented another user.

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