International NFT Day September 20 Top 10 Collection Of All Time Sales Volume Non Fungible Token Bayc Cryptopunk Azuki

International NFT Day is being celebrated all across the globe today, September 20. On this day in 2017, Dete Shirley, the Chief Technical Officer of Dapper Labs, published ERC-721 — the standard from which non-fungible tokens are built. The term NFT was first coined in this proposal. The global NFT community considers this event as the “birth of NFT” and hence the day is celebrated as International NFT Day. Since 2017, NFTs have grown to be a much sought-after investment opportunity, with a global market cap of $2.34 billion. 

As the world celebrates NFTs, let’s take a look at the top 10 NFT collections in terms of sales volume, as per CoinMarketCap data.

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24-hour trading volume: 114,127.36 BUSD
Estimated market cap: 1.95 million BUSD
Average price (24 hours): 269.7 BUSD
Assets: 7,547
Owners: 1,790

9. Moonbirds

24-hour trading volume: 94.41 ETH
Estimated market cap: 108.518.21 ETH
Average price (24 hours): 11.8 ETH
Assets: 10,000
Owners: 6,572


24-hour trading volume: 102.5 ETH
Estimated market cap: 18,216.05 ETH
Average price (24 hours): 1.0049 ETH
Assets: 19,950
Owners: 7,193

7. Bored Ape Kennel Club

24-hour trading volume: 122.96 ETH
Estimated market cap: 67,980.56 ETH
Average price (24 hours): 0.5435 ETH
Assets: 9,602
Owners: 5,542

6. Kanpai Pandas

24-hour trading volume: 160.89 ETH
Estimated market cap: 2,921 ETH
Average price (24 hours): 0.5435 ETH
Assets: 6,321
Owners: 1,656

5. Otherdeed for Otherside

24-hour trading volume: 181.42 ETH
Estimated market cap: 341,538.1 ETH
Average price (24 hours): 2.7488 ETH
Assets: 100,000
Owners: 34,125

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4. CryptoPunks

24-hour trading volume: 256.15 ETH
Estimated market cap: 581,176 ETH
Average price (24 hours): 51.23 ETH
Assets: 9,836
Owners: 3,546

3. Mutant Ape Yacht Club

24-hour trading volume: 266.34 ETH
Estimated market cap: 279,372.72 ETH
Average price (24 hours): 15.67 ETH
Assets: 19,425
Owners: 12,971

2. Azuki

24-hour trading volume: 358.16 ETH
Estimated market cap: 98,375.79 ETH
Average price (24 hours): 11.19 ETH
Assets: 10,000
Owners: 5,057

1. Bored Ape Yacht Club

24-hour trading volume: 402.69 ETH
Estimated market cap: 860,923.14 ETH
Average price (24 hours): 100.67 ETH
Assets: 10,000
Owners: 6,453

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