IOS 16.3 Roll Out India New Features Bug Fixes Security Key Apple ID Emergency SOS Quiet Black Unity

As rumours suggested last week, Apple has started rolling out its latest update, iOS 16.3 for the public. The iOS 16.3 software update will be available for the iPhone 8 and newer iPhone models and brings a series of new features and bug fixes.

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ABP Live could confirm that the new iOS 16.3 update is available in India too. The update comes with support for Security Keys for Apple ID, thus, allowing for physical two-factor authentication for Apple ID logins. A notable feature that the iOS 16.3 brings is “Unity” wallpaper along with support for the newly-launched second-gen Apple HomePod.

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The new iOS update has also tweaked the Emergency SOS feature, in a bid to prevent accidental calls. It can be activated by holding down the side button along with the volume up or down button together. However, the call will not be made until the keys are released. There is an option to “Call Quietly” in Emergency SOS. This means that after enabling this option, when a user tries to make an emergency SOS call, their iPhone will not make an alarm sound or start flashing.

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After recently releasing a special-edition Black Unity Sport Loop for the Apple Watch Series 4 and newer versions, to mark Black History Month, Apple has now released a companion Black Unity-themed iPhone wallpaper for the Lock Screen with the latest iOS 16.3.

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Meanwhile, iOS 16’s adoption was initially better than last year’s iOS 15, in terms of how quickly users were upgrading to the latest iOS version. Apple released it in September last year and according to a previous report by Mixpanel, a third-party analytics website, iOS 16 has been installed on almost 70 per cent of iPhones and iOS 15 on the other hand, is installed on almost 25 per cent of iPhones, as of December.