Is it your birthday between Sept 22 to 30? Check how the year will shape up | Astrology

Birth Date Astrology for people born on September 22: Dominated by number 4 and the planet Uranus, you are simple, energetic, authoritative, jovial, reliable and highly systematic person. New romance for some as others get involved in a matrimonial wedlock. Distant pilgrimage is certain later in the year. Don’t be too friendly with strangers and avoid disclosing your plans, as chances of deceit are very strong. Be extra careful while lending money and take extra care of your jewelry, precious gifts and items. The months of October, February and August will be important.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on September 23: Ruled by number 5 and the planet Mercury. You are practical, sensitive, friendly, diplomatic and an optimistic person. This year new money making ventures prove highly lucrative. Your financial position will show remarkable improvement and you will spend more on luxuries to increase your comfort level. Investment in stocks and real estate is recommended for long-term gains. Foreign trips will bring you monetary gains. Your spouse will be cooperative through out the year and will shower love and affection. Marriage proposals for those eligible. Health needs proper care. The months of November, May, June and August will prove to be important and significant.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on September 24: Influenced by number 6 and the planet Venus. You are highly energetic, independent, ambitious and charming person. A wonderful period to do things that you enjoy and make you feel good. A distant journey for pleasure or pilgrimage seems likely later in the year. Your health will remain good but health of an aged family member will become a matter of concern. New friendship and contacts developed during this period will be highly worthwhile. The months of November, February, June and September will be eventful.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on September 25: Governed by number 7 and the planet Neptune. You are independent, brilliant, quick, confident and friendly person. The year promises to bring you physical as well as financial benefits. Your energy will be high and will bring you immense gains. Children need to concentrate more on their career. Health despite some initial hiccups will be more or less fine. You need to spend time on meditation and yoga for remarkable gains. The months of December, February, June and August will be highly significant and result oriented.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on September 26: Ruled by number 8 and the planet Saturn. You are assertive, cheerful, confident, authoritative and enthusiastic person. Your imagination and skills will do wonders for you and your creativity will be at all time high. Your best opportunities will develop through your association with people who hold position of authority. Sudden gains and losses are foreseen, therefore do not indulge into hasty speculation. Children will bring happy news later in the year. The month of January, March, May and October will be eventful months.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on September 27: Influenced by number 9 and the planet Mars, you are dynamic, courageous, energetic, warm hearted and a religious person. Romantic entanglement will be pleasant and chances to enter into a matrimonial alliance will be very strong. Religious feelings will arise making you embark on a pilgrimage later in the year. Expect gifts and goodies both in cash and kind, but some unexpected expenses will take you by surprise. The months of January, April, July and September will especially be significant.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on September 28: Governed by number 1, and the Sun, you are original, active, responsible, trustworthy and a very simple person. Romance will be on top of your list. There seem to be chances too of a new arrival as well. Your financial condition will improve as you pickup job involving higher responsibility and position. Some exhilarating news from distant relations will boost up the spirits of the entire family. Travel and journey will be pleasurable. The months of January, May, July and October will be significant for you.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on September 29: Ruled by number 2 and the Moon. You are highly active, reliable, methodical, imaginative, trustworthy and warm-hearted person. This is an excellent period to develop new contacts and revive old ones. Traveling will be undertaken for attending auspicious events. Avoid entering into any financial joint ventures and stay away from speculation. Wedding bells will ring for those eligible towards the end of the year. The months of November, February, March and September will be highly important.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on September 30: Dominated by number 3 and the planet Jupiter. You are creative, simple, courageous, dignified and original person. This year brings in appreciation and rewards that you deserve. Investments in real estate during this year will prove highly rewarding. Legal disputes, which have been bothering your mind, will settle amicably to your satisfaction. Children will be a major source of happiness and spouse will keep you happy. Health of your parents will suffer due to stress, and rise in family medical expenses will bother your mind. The months of December, April, June and October will be highly important and eventful.