Kaali can’t be destroyed: Filmmaker Leena Manimekalai as Twitter removes poster

“Kaali cannot be lynched. Kaali cannot be raped. Kaali cannot be detroyed. She is the goddess of death,” filmmaker Leena Manimekalai tweeted as her original poster of the documentary was taken down by Twitter. 

The July 2 tweet in which Toronto-based filmmaker Leena Manimekalai released the controversial poster of her documentary has been pulled down by the social media platform in response to a “legal demand”. Reacting to this, the director who is facing several complaints in the country for depicting Goddess Kaali in an allegedly derogatory manner, Leela Manimekalai said the action is hilarious as the poster was re-shared thousands of times by “lowlife trolls”. Asking whether the social media platform will pull down each and every tweet featuring the poster where a woman dressed as Goddess Kaali can be seen smoking, Leena Manimekalai said, “Kaali cannot be lynched. Kaali cannot be raped. Kaali cannot be destroyed. She is the goddess of death.”

Apart from several FIRs and complaints that the filmmaker is facing in India, Leena has run into trouble after the Aga Khan Museum and the Toronto Metropolitan University issued apologies over the controversial poster. York University where Leena studies, however, has supported her artistic freedom.

Amid the ongoing controversy, Leena’s old tweets criticising Narendra Modi and the BJP government have surfaced prompting an intense call for action against the Madurai-born filmmaker.

Soon after its Twitter release, the poster created a stir in India prompting the Indian High Commission in Ottawa to take the issue up with the Canadian authorities to take down all “provocative material” related to the film.

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