‘Kundali Bhagya’ Actor Manit Joura On Losing Flat In Noida’s Twin Tower Demolition

New Delhi: ‘Kundali Bhagya’ actor Manit Joura opens up about how the demolition of the twin towers had a deep impact on him and his father, especially as he purchased it with a lot of dreams for him and his brother Himanshu.

On August 28, Noida’s twin towers- Ceyane and Apex, were demolished on the orders of Supreme Court, affecting about 915 flats.

Manit says: “They were not the structures but the emotions.”

He continues: “My father bought two properties, one for myself, and another one for my brother, thinking that he is making an investment for both of his sons. And we never knew that this will backfire so badly. Back in 2011, we bought the flat, not knowing that it will backfire on us like this.

“Not knowing the case is already going on. The builder never told us. The unfortunate thing was, we were never told that some case is going on or this land has been taken from other people and all other nitty-gritties were never communicated to the buyers.”

“This should be the first thing to be communicated to the buyer and so we felt cheated and we felt let down.”

He praises the government and the verdict given by the Supreme Court, saying: “I’m very happy that we live in the times and we are being handled by the right government that took the stand. And Supreme Court gave a very good judgment. It’s a loss for the building. It’s a loss of my home.”

“But I still say it’s a great decision, because Supreme Court and the government of India has set the example and now any builder would think twice before doing this to people.”

The ‘Naagin 6’ actor further informs: “I’m very happy. I have nothing to complain. Whatever I invested, it didn’t come back as per the market value? What they are giving me back is all in instalments but I can’t buy property with that. Still I don’t have any complaints from builders or anyone and I am fine with the verdict.”

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