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LIBRA (Sept 24-Oct 23) If you work on your skills and experience, Libras can come out with flying colors today. This will be the day when you will see growth and success in your career. Any change in the workplace will come with good gains for you. The financial front can throw up some challenges. Some scarcity of funds may cause minor worry. You may have to play a stronger role in domestic affairs. Young ones in the family may approach you for your wise and sorted views. Libra students may get an opportunity to study abroad. Work-related travel would be beneficial and so would be a long-distance one. So do not pass up the chance to go on a trip. You are likely to remain compassionate and will believe in the act of giving; which is why it will be a good idea to involve yourself in social activities. Investment in real estate should wait as you need to find out hidden clauses or conditions. Old property matters may need attention today.

Libra Finance Today There can be a shortage of funds for some Libra natives. However, your wise planning may help you to meet all the expenses easily. Those in business partnerships can face some disputes with their partner. Steer clear of complicated money matters as time is not right to take any risks.

Libra Family Today Some youngsters may need counselling and clarity on important issues so remain available. Health issues in children can cause anxiety. Some Libra natives may have to move away from home for some reason. In such a situation, they may miss their family members dearly.

Libra Career Today Professionally, the day will be smooth for Libras and they would be able to manage all the odds. Your multi-tasking skills will help you perform several tasks simultaneously. You should avoid getting into a dispute with a colleague because it will be harmful to your career. Maintain goodwill with everyone.

Libra Health Today Stay away from mental stress and abandon laziness and solitude to be successful. It is recommended to drop your habit of over-thinking and stressing yourself over pity issues. Indulge in some self-pampering or spa to elevate your mood.

Libra Love Life Today If you are a single Libra then you may meet someone special unexpectedly in a social setting. Those in love will need to trust each other more; otherwise, even a stray rumour may create problems in your love life.

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