Lock Upp Contestant Zeeshan Khan

New Delhi: Television actor Zeeshan Khan, who was part of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ and Kangana Ranaut hosted reality show ‘Lock Upp’, has said that Kangana doesn’t understand the reality game show and that her advice should not be taken seriously. 

The second season of the reality show has been announced and the first season’s contestant Zeeshan spoke to News 18 and said, “My advice to the future contestant would be, be who you are. It is a jail-themed show. Our so-called ‘queen’ of the show (Kangana Ranaut) has absolutely no understanding of what happens inside. She will have a biased opinion. You stay strong on your grounds. Trust me, do not take the queen’s advice ever, ever.” 

“Nobody should take Kangana very seriously. It should not sound that I am bitter towards her or anything but I am saying this with all calmness or with no ill intention towards her,” the actor told News 18. 

Recalling the incident when Kangana didn’t take a proper stand after another contestant Payal Rohatgi called Zeeshan a ‘terrorist’, he said, “In Lock Upp, Chetan Hansraj was evicted for using (a casteist remark). Kangana called it unacceptable. Four days after the incident, Payal Rohatgi called me a terrorist for being a Muslim. You are bothered about a word being used which will hurt that minority. I agree and support that. But when someone insults a religion, she refused to take action. That was her punishment? She (Kangana) said, ‘We cannot do anything. We revoke her captaincy status for the rest of the show’,”   

He also said that all of the actress’ claim on Twitter are ‘bulls**t’. “If Kangana could not have taken a stand for me on that, I really don’t think all her ranting on Twitter or anywhere else makes any sense. It is all bull***t,” the actor told News18. 

The second season of the jail-themed show will be hosted by Kangana. The first season was won by stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui.