Lucknow women’s market foundation to be laid on October 19

Lucknow The stone-laying ceremony of the first exclusive women’s market of the city in Charbagh is expected to be held on October 19. The market is designed to promote women entrepreneurs, traders and businesswomen.

Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia proposed the first exclusive market for women in Charbagh on International Women’s Day this year. On the day, the Mayor had inspected the site along with the city engineer, junior engineer and architect of the project. She had directed city engineer Sudhir Kannojia to get the land vacated and conduct soil testing in the first phase.

Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia said, “I want women to be empowered in the true sense. They will only get empowered when they are financially strong and start earning themselves. This market is for fulfilling the dream of women’s empowerment. Till now, operating shops in the market was exclusively a male domain and women were limited to the role of sales girls but this market is only meant for women traders, businesswomen and, entrepreneurs. Here they would have women staff.”

Sanyukta Bhatia said, “ The market will have a big underground parking area in 2848 square metres, in which about 40 four -wheelers can be parked at a time. Also, this women’s market will be 3-storey. It will have 125 shops of 12.50 square metres.”

The mayor said that these shops would only be allotted to women with women staff. Fountains and benches etc. would also be placed to attract tourists.