Lusty confessions of secretly bisexual men and women

“I’m not sure if my first time was due to curiosity, or simply because I was incredibly horny. I received oral sex from a guy and it blew my mind. A few weeks later, the same thing ended in a nightmare because we were caught.

A few years later I found myself in a similar situation where I was offered oral sex from a good friend of mine. I agreed, and that was also the first I ever touched a guy. It felt ridiculously amazing, and the level of arousal was off the scale, so much so that I could resist trying to give him oral as well. There is just no way to describe the feeling (mentally and physically) of receiving and giving at the same time. After that night, it was a regular thing for us, although it took us both about a year or so to reach a point where we will try doing it to completion. Let’s just say that it was the most erotically exciting experience.

Don’t get me wrong, I love women, and I love giving oral sex to a woman, but I find that giving oral sex to the right guy is simply a far more erotic experience for me personally.”