Majid Ali, Renowned Pakistani Snooker Player, Commits Suicide

Karachi: Majid Ali, a renowned snooker player from Pakistan and a silver medallist at the Asian Under-21 championship, tragically took his own life in his hometown of Samundri near Faisalabad, Punjab. The 28-year-old had been battling depression since his playing days and chose to end his life using a wood-cutting machine, as reported by the police.

Majid was a prominent figure in the snooker scene, representing Pakistan in numerous international events and consistently ranking among the top players in the country. His untimely death follows another devastating loss to the snooker community, as international player Muhammad Bilal passed away last month due to a cardiac arrest.

According to Majid’s brother, Umar, he had been grappling with depression since his teenage years and had recently experienced a severe bout of the illness. Umar expressed shock and disbelief over his brother’s decision, as they never anticipated such a tragic outcome.

The news of Majid’s suicide has deeply saddened the entire snooker community, including Alamgir Sheikh, the chairman of Pakistan Billiards and Snooker. Sheikh lamented the loss of Majid’s immense talent and potential, as many had expected him to bring honor to the nation through his exceptional skills on the snooker table.

While financial troubles are often attributed to such incidents, it was clarified that Majid did not face any financial difficulties. Snooker has gained significant prominence in Pakistan, thanks to the achievements of players like Muhammad Yousuf and Muhammad Asif, who have secured World and Asian Championship titles. Some players have even progressed to the professional circuit, further elevating the sport’s profile in the country.

The tragic loss of Majid Ali serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and support within the sports community. The incident emphasizes the need for effective measures to address mental health challenges among athletes and provide necessary resources for their well-being. As the snooker community mourns the loss of a talented player, it is crucial to prioritize mental health initiatives to ensure the holistic development and welfare of athletes in Pakistan and beyond.

(With Inputs From PTI)