Mama pretends to hit daughter, pet dog Momo rushes to protect her. Watch

People who live with pets get to experience several wonderful moments thanks to their furbabies. From seeing a dog’s utter delight when their humans return home to the furbaby bringing a toy asking its human to play with them to even seeing the silly antics pets do to cheer people around them, pet parents love to not only witness such moments but also capture them for others to enjoy. This video posted on Instagram captures one such adorable moment. It shows a doggo rushing to save his sister when he sees mama “getting angry” at her.

The video has been shared on a page called ‘Momo cocker spaniel’, the doggo’s Instagram account. It features several delightful videos of little Momo and his hoomans. This video opens to show a woman acting as if she is angry at her daughter and you can even see her pretending to hit her. The doggo notices and quickly rushes to his sister’s side. Not happy seeing his sister being scolded, Momo tries to protect her from being hit. He even tries to stop the woman from ‘scolding’ or ‘hitting’ the little girl. “Sister, I am always there for you,” reads the caption shared along with the video.

Watch the sweet video below:

The video was posted on November 28 and it has since collected over 19,000 views along with thousands of like and several comments. Many Instagram users posted comments expressing their delight over Momo’s actions.

Here’s what Instagram users posted in the comments section:

“Insanely cute this is,” reads a part of one of the comments. “Momo ke bholepan ka phayda uthaya jaa ra hai (You’re taking advantage of Momo’s innocence),” reads another. “Protect kar raha hai didi ko, kitnaa intelligent bachcha hai (he’s protecting his sister, such an intelligent boy),” reads a third. To this, a reply from the doggo’s page reads, “He gives unconditional love… And he needs love too”.