Mani Ratnam flies down to Mumbai to request multiplex owners to make PS: 1 tickets for Rs 100 only – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

Ponniyin Selvan: I is an upcoming Indian Tamil-language epic period action film directed by Mani Ratnam, who co-wrote it with Elango Kumaravel and B. Jeyamohan. But bet you didn’t know that Mani Ratnam was in Mumbai yesterday talking to the multiplex chains that he wants his film to cost the consumer Rs 100 only.

It is not yet clear that the plex owners agreed to his suggestion but we know for a fact that they were absolutely shocked. An insider in the meeting however says that his sources have told him that the theatres have agreed.

Mani Ratnam

It is a known fact that films are not running in Bollywood and one of the main reasons is the exorbitant cost of the tickets. Last time out, the South took the initiative of driving home the message that the budget of the films needs to be reduced. Now again, they have hit the nail on the head.

We are not aware if Mani Ratnam has gone back home down South but we are sure that the man deserves a huge pat on the back. Imagine families spending Rs 2000 for four tickets in every film. Who can afford such money? It’s always been tough convincing the plex owners to reduce their popcorn and coffee prices as well. Maybe Mani Ratnam’s visit will do the trick. Truth be told, we know how stubborn they are, but umeed par duniya kaayam hai (hope keeps us going).