Masaba Gupta is addicted to workouts. Here’s how she did it | Health

Masaba Gupta is a fitness inspo for us. The fashion designer keeps setting the bar higher for us with every glimpse from her gym diaries that she shares on her Instagram profile. From high intensity workout routine to her yoga diaries to her Pilates sessions, Masaba keeps inspiring us to start taking care of our health. Masaba’s Instagram profile is replete with such fitness inspo and each of them makes us look really bad. The fashion designer believes in dedicating her entire focus and strength into her workout routine. No excuse is good enough for Masaba to miss out on her workouts.

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Masaba, on Tuesday, shared a video compilation of her midweek workout routine and it looks super intense. The designer started the day on a fitness high with a round of pullups while being supported on Pilates resistance band, and under the supervision of her trainer. Then she can be seen moving on to working out with a gym ball. The workout routine involved Masaba running with the gym ball and throwing it towards her trainer, then picking it up from the ground. Then, Masaba can also be seen working on her lunges with weights and lateral run. With the video, Masaba wrote that she is addicted to working out, and how fitness helps her in taking better decisions. “More time training = better brain function = better decision making = better output! I might be addicted to working out but whose complaining!” She further asked her Instagram family if they worked out today. Take a look at her workout video here:

The routine performed by Masaba in the video comes with multiple health benefits. Pullups help in strengthening the arms, shoulders and the back muscles. It also helps in improving the overall body strength and the fitness level. Lateral run, on the other hand, helps in supporting balance and rotation of the body. Lunges help in boosting flexibility and stability of the body.