Meals, Mushaira, Talks: Muslim Group In Mumbai Launches Campaign For Peace To Fight ‘Hate’

A group in Mumbai has launched a campaign titled ‘Prophet For All’ for dialogue, harmony, hope and outreach to non-Muslims to clear misconceptions about Islam. With the atmosphere becoming “increasingly polarising and acrimonious”, some like-minded Muslims from the city have launched this drive to build bridges between the communities.

Recently, the contentious statement regarding Prophet Muhammad by former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma created an immense outcry among the Muslim community across the globe. It led to a few violent incidents and two people, one in Rajasthan and the other in Maharashtra, were killed over supporting Sharma’s statement on social media.

The zealots came up with the slogan, “Nabi se gustaakhi ki ek hi sazaa, sar tan se juda (Beheading is the only punishment for insulting Prophet)”. With some political leaders adding fuel to the fire, keeping in mind their respective vote banks, the situation only turned worse.

In order to douse such sentiments, and eradicate all “wrong notions”, the group has launched the ‘Prophet For All’ campaign. As per the campaign, all medium of communication is to be envisaged for reaching out to Hindus and other communities.

Muslims will be encouraged to invite non-Muslims for breakfast, lunch or dinner and informally talk about contentious issues and clear misunderstandings.

Meetings with the consul general of various countries, governmental officers and mediapersons have also been planned. On Prophet’s birthday, a mushaira by non-Muslim poets will be organised.

Amir Edrisi, one of the coordinators, told ABP Network that the campaign doesn’t aim to preach Islam or encourage conversion. He said that the campaign is totally non-political and has been conceptualised by like-minded Muslim individuals.

The ‘Prophet For All’ campaign has been launched in Mumbai city, which has a long history of communal violence.

Thirty years ago, after the demolition of the Babri Masjid, Mumbai saw unprecedented violence in which over one thousand people lost were killed.