Mohit Malik Recalls Being Rushed To The Hospital After Attempting Semi-Finale Helicopter Stunt

New Delhi: Television actor Mohit Malik blacked out while performing a stunt involving a helicopter during the semi finale for the stunt-based reality show ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ (KKK).

In the weekend episode which was the semi finale saw Mohit perform a challenging but stunt which involved a lot of action. The actor was seen jumping from pillar to post to eventually win it.

Mohit said that it was one of the toughest stunts to perform on the show. It also led him to a total blackout post its completion.

“On the day of the stunt I was anyways a bit unwell and on tablets due to feeling feverish. But it was the semi finale stunt shoot day and I knew I had to give the stunt my 100 percent! The stunt as you’ll see on television was a massive one.”

He added: “Being thrown from a catapult into the water getting onto a jetski to get to another point where a helicopter took me to another point where I had to eventually jump into the water, was all a very elongated stunt.”

“Though the minute I jumped into the water from the helicopter, my body somehow went into shock and I could not remember how I did the stunt! I won the stunt, but I had no memory of how I performed it I was taken to the hospital but everything was such a blur that I had no idea about what was happening around me.”

Mohit’s X-rays were taken along with that he was given drips and medication.

“I was made to rest there for a while. Something like this has happened with me for the first time in my life, so it was very shocking!”

He added: “I think that even in the history of Khatron Ke Khiladi something like this would have never happened with anybody where they were not able to remember the stunt. It was a very different experience and something my body had never been through.”

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