Mom gets pleasantly surprised seeing toddler repeat kind words to herself. Watch

Being kind is definitely a virtue that needs to be more widespread, with people we personally know and to those we don’t. And being kind to your little ones as they grow up ensures that they are kind to themselves and excel in whatever they wish to do. This particular video that has been shared on Instagram and has been going all kinds of viral of late, shows just that. The video shows a mom getting quite pleasantly surprised as she overhears her toddler repeating some words of affirmation to herself as she engages in some independent play time. There is a good chance that this video will give you a much-needed boost to your day and make you smile.

The video shows the toddler trying to pick up some of her toys with the help of another one that is shaped like a pair of tongs. Her mother looks on as she records this video in hopes that she gets it right, in time. But what is the cutest part of this video is when the child repeats to herself that she has got this. This moment of affirmation that the child unknowingly gives to herself makes the mother quite emotional and has tugged at the heartstrings of several netizens. “BRB crying,” reads the caption accompanying this cute video.

Watch it below:

The video has been shared on Instagram on June 30 and has received over 6.85 lakh likes as of now.

“This was the cutest video I have ever seen in my life,” admits an Instagram user. “These are the sweetest moments,” comments another individual. “That’s right parents, what we say to our kids becomes their internal dialogue. Be mindful of your words and make them count,” adds a third.

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