Monica Dogra Opens Up On Being Pansexual, Reveals About Her Secret Marriage  

New Delhi: Actress-singer Monica Dogra, who came out as pansexual last year, opened up about identifying as pansexual and how she kept her marriage a secret.  

In an interview with The Hindustan Times, the actress talked about the time when she identified as pansexual and the repercussions she followed after that. She said she heard the word five-six years back and immediately knew this is who she is.   

“I came across several verbiages around pansexuality, and now I think that’s the most real fit for me. I am surprised all the time by what I find beautiful,” she told The Hindustan Times.  

Monica also said that growing up, she felt was not able to accept her sexuality most of the time. “I remember when I first started showing signs of having breasts I just wept thinking my life was now over. No more freedom for me. I was becoming a woman.”  

She also revealed she was molested by cousins in India and ‘touched inappropriately by a family friend in sleep’.  

Monica also spoke about her marriage and that she had kept it secret from the press till now. “I was married to a man – a very gentle, kind, wise and extremely understanding man. I had to tell him I felt an attraction for my co-star in a film I had acted in, about a trans woman who wanted to transition. He held my hands and understood me. That made me love him even more. We have gone our separate ways and chosen to dissolve our marriage. I always kept my marriage a secret from the press, I guess since I’m telling you all these intimate details, I may as well share this too. So, there was no coming out “moment”,” the actress was quoted as saying by The Hindustan Times.