MP Minister demands survey on madrasas

BHOPAL: The minister of Cultural and Religious Trusts in the BJP-led Madhya Pradesh government, Usha Thakur has demanded a survey of madrasas operating across the state. The minister has written a letter to the school education department for this purpose, mentioning that unregistered madrasas should be closed.
The development comes after Uttar Pradesh has ordered an investigation on Waqf Board‘s properties. “I have written to the school education department and have recommended a survey of all madrasas operating across Madhya Pradesh,” Thakur said.
However, before Thakur wrote a letter to the school education department for the survey, the same had been recommended by the National Commission for Minorities (MCM). During a visit to Bhopal in May this year, MCM member Syed Shahzadi had recommended a survey of madrasas to ascertain if they have proper infrastructures and facilities.
According to the Madhya Pradesh government’s record, there are around 2,650 registered madrasas in the state and each of them receives a yearly grant of Rs 25,000 from the state government.
The official sources said the registration of new madrasas in Madhya Pradesh has been stopped since 2019. Registration of madrasas is renewed every three years, which is being done only for the registered ones.
Though there is no official data on the number of unregistered madrasas in Madhya Pradesh, the officials believe that there may be around 500-550 madrasas operating illegally. Madhya Pradesh Child Rights Protection Committee has claimed that it has found at least four unregistered madrasas in Bhopal.