Navratri 2022: How decking up for festivities can boost your mental health | Health

Navratri 2022: Navratri is finally here and the nine-day festival is celebrated with much fervour and enthusiasm in different parts of the country. With coronavirus cases at its lowest since many months, people can finally partake in Navratri festivities without worrying much about contracting the virus. Festivals have their own role in improving mental health. This is the time when people can disconnect with their worries and concerns about the future and soak themselves in the spirit of the festivals. From garba nights to visiting Durga Puja pandal, there would be a lot in store for people this. (Also read: Navratri 2022: Significance of Garba during the 9-day-long festival)

While festival food, spending time with loved ones, and all the festive vibes lift everyone’s spirit, there is another crucial aspect of the festival that makes us exuberant and that is decking up or getting ready for the festival. People take out the best of their fineries during Navratri and Durga Puja, apply makeup and look forward to put their best sartorial foot forward. Experts say that looking food or beauty is actually closely related to mental health.

According to a research, even a small activity such as washing and styling hair can increase the confidence levels manifold and enhance feeling of youthfulness. Beauty is thus one of the direct determinants of our mental wellbeing.

Dr. Rinky Kapoor, Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetic Dermatologist & Dermato-Surgeon, The Esthetic Clinics on how beauty or looking good and mental health complement each other.

• Stress relief: This includes simple cleansing, and moisturising routines, Korean skin care routines, face masks, playing around with makeup etc. These routines are soothing and clam the mind and body. They make you feel like you are doing something for yourself. Skincare routines are disciplined and rhythmic and lower the stress hormone. When you are focussing on activities like cleansing, toning, applying toner, moisturising etc. you don’t get intrusive thoughts and simple actions like massaging and patting the skin reduces heartbeat and anxiety.

• It is a form of art therapy: A simple task of focusing on how to apply lipstick or the right way to use the blush to bring out the contours that you want becomes an outlet for showing the artist talent. When you are focusing intently on these tasks, this form of art become therapeutic and gives relief from depression. Studies show that makeup helps control unsettling feelings. Routines such as skin care and makeup give people a sense of control (on process and outcome both) and since the brain knows what comes next it gets relief from overthinking and negative thoughts.

• A boost to the self-esteem and confidence: It is a proven fact that wearing makeup makes one feel safe and strong. No matter what the event, one feels good about oneself with makeup with a boosted morale.

• Skincare and makeup release oxytocin: When applying lotion or foundation we touch our skin with care which releases hormone oxytocin aka cuddle hormone which stimulates positive feelings and aids in growth and healing.

Dr Rinky says skincare and makeup are akin to mediation and all the good effects can lead to a calm and composed mind and relaxed skin, lesser blemishes and acne, delayed signs of ageing, improving self-confidence.

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