Nothing Phone 1 Features Specifications Launch Today July 12 Carl Pei

The Nothing Phone 1 has been the talk of town even before actually walking down the tech launch ramp. And that is because the Phone 1 is rather unlike your run-of-the-mill smartphone.  The hype around the smartphone has been dominating headlines and leaks and rumours have pretty much revealed what’s to come. Which has led to even more talk, because some of the features that have been revealed are definitely what you would expect from a phone at its price point. Here are six stand-out features about the Nothing Phone 1 that are making news: 

Nothing Phone 1 top features: The semi-transparent design 

Of all things of the Phone 1 that people have been gushing over, the semi-transparent back pretty much tops the list. The brand had officially given us a sneak peek of the back a while ago and ever since then, people have been talking of nothing else. The Nothing Phone 1 comes with a semi-transparent back which gives the user a glimpse of what lies inside the phone, following the transparent design language of its Ear 1 true wireless stereo (TWS) earphones. 

No, you cannot see circuitry or what is actually inside the phone, but you do get an eyeful of the wireless charging system and a few other features. Tiny screws and white patterns under the transparent glass give the Phone 1 a very distinct look. We haven’t seen anything like this, so it is hardly surprising that it is making headlines. 

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Nothing Phone 1 top features: Those LEDs and that Glyph interface 

That transparent back of the Nothing Phone 1 holds more than just an eye-catchy design. The brand has also loaded the back of the phone with 900 tiny LEDs. And these tiny lights are not just for show either. 

In a demo, Nothing showed that the LEDs on the back are actually quite functional. They light up in different patterns to highlight different notifications. So if you get a call, message, or other notifications, the LEDs will light up in different patterns for each. They can also flash up when you connect the phone to a charger (both wired and wireless) and can also show battery status while the phone gets charged. Nothing calls this the Glyph interface. You can also pair contacts with different ringtones and light patterns. And if you are not feeling light-headed, well, you can turn the feature off. It is flashy, quite literally. 

Nothing Phone 1 top features: ONLY two cameras

The phone planet has been obsessed with numbers for a long time now. Because of this obsession, phones keep coming with bigger, better numbers. And this applies to phone cameras too. 

Along with the megapixel numbers, the number of cameras on the back of the phone have been steadily going up as well. Phones with a single camera are pretty much non-existent apart from the sub-Rs 10,000 categories, and phones with just a dual camera setup are also looked down upon at higher price points. 

Nothing has taken a different course of camera action with the Phone 1 and has kept the camera count on the back to just two, surprising many. Some might frown at this, but the fact is that both the cameras on the Nothing Phone 1 are actually good ones, and nothing like the 2- and 5-megapixel maco/mono/depth sensors that crowd the backs of other mid-segment phones.

When it comes to photography, we have always believed in quality over quantity and both cameras on the Phone 1 seem capable of delivering good images and videos, with the main camera supporting optical image stabilsation (OIS) and electric image stabilisation (EIS), a rare sight in the segment. 

Nothing Phone 1 top features: Wireless charging comes to the mid-segment 

Although it has been around for a while, wireless charging has been strictly restricted to the premium line of smartphones and has not really become mainstream. The Nothing Phone 1 is looking to change that.  

When the Phone 1’s back was revealed, it showcased one feature not many had expected — wireless charging. And reverse wireless charging as well, which means you can not only charge the phone itself but use the phone to charge other devices too.

With the Phone 1, Nothing is looking to make wireless charging a little more affordable, allowing even those without a bomb to spend on phones will now be able to enjoy the wire-free charging life. Here’s hoping it makes wireless charging a staple feature even in the mid-segment.  

Nothing Phone 1 top features: Clean(er) UI

There are not too many brands that offer a very clean, close-to-stock Android interface in the tech zone. Apart from OnePlus and a few stock Android players (Motorola and Nokia), there are very few options when it comes to a clean, uncluttered Android experience in the market. 

Nothing is looking to change that with its first phone. Within that jazzy and flashy back lies a remarkably plain interface. The brand is going back to basics and leaving customisations in the hands of the users, something Google has been trying with stock Android. The Phone 1 comes with a simple, uncomplicated interface and no bloatware. If you like your phone UI loaded with bells and whistles, the UI of the Phone 1 is unlikely to excite you. But it will definitely be the cup of tea for those who want a close-to-pure Android experience. Or a “return to instinct,” in the words of Nothing.  

Nothing Phone 1: Eco-friendly? Check!

While brands do pay lip service to the environment, apart from Apple, not many are actually fanatical about being eco-friendly. This is even more so in the mid-segment, where the focus is almost overwhelmingly on what the phone does for the consumer than what it means for the environment. 

That changes with the Nothing Phone 1. The brand has been stressing how it has used eco-friendly materials to build the device from the very outset. Even though it is a new brand and is launching a phone in a segment where other brands only focus on numbers and specs, Nothing is highlighting how environment-friendly its phone is. And to us, it is definitely a good start.