‘Pair toota hua hai, ab abs ko todna hai’: Shilpa Shetty does simple abs workout for core strengthening in new video | Health

Actor Shilpa Shetty is one of the most followed fitness enthusiasts in Bollywood. The star has gained many fans on social media with her inspiring fitness routine and dedication. We got encouraged by her commitment when the star injured her leg and continued working out in a wheelchair to ensure her body didn’t go rigid during her resting period. Moreover, her Instagram timeline is currently full of these videos. Even her latest clip will boost you to never skip out on gym day – Shilpa did an abs workout while sitting in a wheelchair.

Shilpa Shetty strengthens her core with abs exercises

On Monday, Shilpa Shetty dropped a video of herself practising core-strengthening abs exercises at her home gym. It begins with Shilpa saying, “Pair toota hua hai, ab abs ko todna hai (My legs are broken, but now it is time to break/work on those abs). Simple exercises for core-strengthening ab workout.” Then, the actor practised Basic Crunches and Seated Twisted Crunches and asked her followers to do three sets of the second exercise. Dressed in a white tank top and flared denim pants, Shilpa nailed the routine. (Also Read: Shilpa Shetty passes out after tough workout in funny post-gym video: Watch)

Shilpa explained how she performed both the exercises in the post’s caption. Regarding the Basic Crunches, she wrote, “Began with some Basic Crunches (not sit-ups) today. To perform these, you need to crunch up to 30 degrees max by pushing the belly button into the mat as you curl up. Exhale forcefully so the abs contract harder. Inhale on the way down, but do not relax at the bottom. I performed 3 sets of 25 reps of the Basic Crunch.”

For the Seated Twisted Crunches, Shilpa explained, “You need to twist from the waist and exhale forcefully every time you do so. Remember, do not twist your neck! The movement is initiated by the waist and everything else follows. This exercise is usually done in the lying-down position, but @yashmeenchauhan has modified it for me. It works because the technique is on point. I performed 3 sets of 20 reps each side for the Seated Twisted Crunches.”

In the end, Shilpa also added a bonus pro tip for her followers. She explained that while exercising, one should constantly keep their mind connected to the working muscle and visualize it working. According to her, this makes a big difference in the results.