Punjab Congress questions rationale behind Aam Aadmi clinics

Punjab Congress president Amarinder Singh Raja Warring on Monday questioned the rationale behind setting up Aam Aadmi clinics in Punjab, claiming that the state already has an internationally acknowledged healthcare system.

“There are already thousands of better equipped and better staffed government run dispensaries across the state, which the AAP government wants to replace with such clinics, which have already failed in Delhi,” he claimed in a statement here.

According to the AAP government, 75 such Aam Aadmi clinics will be dedicated to people, in the first phase of the project, on the 75th Independence Day on August 15. Staffed with an MBBS doctor, pharmacist, nurse and others, the clinics will reportedly provide various tests and diagnosis for free.

The Congress leader said that given the robust healthcare system that already exists in Punjab, with primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare facilities across the state, these mohalla clinics are not required here. “People from abroad come to Punjab for treatment and specialised surgeries and the AAP government is still stuck in primitive mode,” he said, while adding, “This was proved during the Covid-19 pandemic too, as patients from Delhi and other states came for treatment to Punjab”.

Warring said the way the AAP government had named these clinics looks like these are the “extension counters” of the AAP. “Otherwise, any healthcare facility is named after the respective locality/village, but here these are named after the ruling political party,” he said.