Questions to ask yourself before taking an important decision

Often in life, we come across junctures where we need to make important decisions. Those decisions end up changing the course of our life, for better or for worse. However, when we are faced with such important decisions, we mostly tend to get confused on how to approach it in the right way possible. The pressure of the impact that our decisions can have on us and other people’s lives also make it more difficult to have a clarity on things. But when it comes to such decisions, we should pause, introspect and weight the balances in order to take the accurate way possible. Psychotherapist Emily H Sanders addressed it and wrote in her Instagram post, “There’s no fool proof way to make a hard decision (sorry!) But there are questions you can ask yourself to make sure you’re as grounded as possible when facing an important decision.”

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She further noted down a few questions that we must ask ourselves before taking an important decision.

What is the decision: We need to have a clarity on the decision we are making and how much it can impact us.

Response: Sometimes going with the most immediate intuition can be a good way to approach the decision. Knowing our most instant response can help us decide the same.

Data: The information you need to make the decision should be accumulated and then the decision should be approached.

Feelings: The current feelings can affect the decision at hand. Being aware of the implications is a healthy way to take the decision.

Blind spots: There are always potential blind spots and roadblocks in a decision-making process. Being aware of them and knowing about them can be a careful way.

Other’s reaction: How others react to a decision can also impact the decision we have made.

Experiences: going back to the past and learning from the lessons we have learnt from the decisions we made back then can help as well.

Outcomes: Every decision has an outcome. It is important to know the short-term and the long-term outcomes of the same.