Rajasthan: Man Kills Aunt Cuts Body Into Pieces And Dumps At Several Locations In Delhi

A man named Anuj Sharma from Rajasthan has been detained in Delhi for murdering his aunt and dismembering her body, news agency ANI reported on Saturday citing an official statement by the police.

According to the most recent revelation, the nephew murdered her aunt with a hammer and then dismembered her body with a marble cutter. He dumped the body parts along the highway connecting to Delhi after cutting the body into several pieces.

“On December 11, one Anuj from Jaipur stated that his aunt was missing; nevertheless, we discovered several inconsistencies in his assertions. During the investigation, we discovered that he killed his aunt with a hammer and dismembered her body with a knife and marble cutter. He then abandoned them in remote districts of Delhi. He was apprehended. More investigation is being conducted,” stated DCP North Paris Deshmukh.

The police have apprehended accused Anuj Sharma, the deceased’s nephew.

It should be emphasised that the accused and other family members had reported his aunt’s disappearance to the police.

According to media reports, blood streaks had frozen on the kitchen walls following the murder. While the accused was attempting to remove the tension, his sister noticed him and notified the family members.

This was then reported to the police by family members. The police were examining the matter as a missing person case, but the latest revelation shocked everyone.

The Shraddha Walker murder case recently stunned the country, with Aftab Amin Poonawalla accused of killing his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar, slicing her body into 35 pieces, and dumping them in various locations across Delhi.

Poonawalla was arrested on November 12 and is being held in Tihar Jail.

Walkar and Poonawalla first met on the dating app ‘Bumble’ in 2018.

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