Recipe: Craving seafood this weekend? Whip up an exotic dish of Hamachi Ceviche

Protein intake is perhaps one of the most important parts of our daily diet as it serves different parts of the body, including boosting our overall strength, facilitating muscle growth, strengthening hair and nails, tissue repair, immunity boosting and hormone production. Protein is made from a chain of twenty- three amino acids, of which fourteen are produced by the body daily.

However, the other nine must be produced from external food consumption which leaves us with the responsibility of eating food rich in amino acids that allow us to obtain the correct amount of protein, completing the required amino acid profile in the body. The best practise for consuming proteins in the diet is choosing good quality protein source from egg whites, low fat dairy products such as buttermilk, curds, paneer or cottage cheese, soya or tofu, lean meats such as fish or lean cuts of poultry and other sources such as legumes, lentils, dals, nuts and seeds that can be combined with cereals to increase the biological value of the protein.

Tick protein for the weekend with this scrumptious recipe of Hamachi Ceviche or Yellow Tail Fish which will surely leave you drooling and coming back for more this Saturday night.

Main ingredients:

Diced Yellow Tail fish – 60 gm

Fresh Julien Onion – 10 gm

Fresh Cilantro – 5 gm

Fresh red radish (sliced) -15 gm

Black Tobiko – 10 gm

Crispy Onion – 7 gm

Garlic chips – 2 gm

Crispy wonton – 2 gm

Microgreens – 2 gm

Ceviche dressing: (Mix all ingredients until sugar dissolved)

Lemon juice 50ml

Chopped Garlic 5gm

Chopped Thai Fresh Red Chilli 1gm

Lemon Grass 1gm

Yuzu Vinegar 3ml

Kaffir Lime 1gm

Fresh Cilantro 2gm

Soya sauce Kikkoman 1ml

Sugar 1gm


Cut the fish in to dice and mix it with fresh Julien onion and Ceviche dressing 30 ml. Choose the plate with flat base and 1 inch height edges. Place round shape steel mould on the plate and put inside mixture slightly press it on top.

Place the sliced red radish on top, then filling up with rest of the condiments according to your imagination and preferences. Rest of the Ceviche dressing pour on the plate around the mould.

Slowly remove the mould, and garnish from the sided with Micro greens. Hamachi Ceviche is ready. Bon Appetit!

(Recipe: Chef Vadim Shin)