Remembering Issey Miyake! Why Steve Jobs wore the same T-shirt from the designer everyday

Among the many things the king of pleats Issey Miyake will be remembered for will be the iconic turtleneck black T-shirt worn by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The legendary designer provided Steve Jobs his signature look that has already gone down in history.

The Apple co-founder explained in his biography titled Steve Jobs, how he got in touch with Issey Miyake and asked him to make some black turtlenecks. The designer made around hundred pieces for him. This happened in the 1980s and Steve Jobs, who was never known for his style, suddenly became a style icon. All thanks to the Japanese designer.

It so happened that Steve Jobs had asked Miyake to design a uniform for employee working at Apple. The idea behind designing the uniform was to create a sense of camaraderie among the employees who don’t have to feel embarrassed about not having cool outfits to wear daily. But when he shared this idea with his team, they weren’t too keen on it and therefore Steve ended up getting all the T-shirts designed for himself. The turtleneck Miyake designed was equal parts casual and comfortable. That is the reason why, we have always seen Steve Jobs pictured in a black turtleneck tee and blue denims. This became his signature style.

It was designer Issey Miyake, who brought the turtleneck into the forefront of the fashion world. He would a maverick and his legacy will live on through his designs.