Sachin Tendulkar Interview Sachin Reveals He Turned Down Disrespectful Advertisement Sachin 1998 Sharjah Innings

Indian batting great Sachin Tendulkar recalled an incident when he turned down an advertisement after his heroic ‘desert storm’ innings in 1998 against Australia at the Sharjah Cricket Ground. The 2011 World Cup-winner revealed he turned down an advertisement because it was disrespectful to the sport, adding that he asked the makers to make changes to the script, which they ultimately did.

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“It happened in 1998 after the desert storm tour in Sharjah. We came back and one of the sponsors wanted to shoot an ad where cricket balls were coming at me and with a fly swatter, I’m hitting them outside the stadium. So, I turned down the ad, I said you have to change the script because this is disrespecting my sport and I worship my sport. I will not be shooting for this ad,” Tendulkar said at an Infosys event in a chat with Gaurav Kapoor, TimesNow reported.

“Fortunately, they did (change the script). I don’t think that after shooting that ad, I would have been able to go back home or even go back to my coach. That wasn’t something they had taught me. They had inculcated right values and I stand by those values,” he added.

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Recently, Sachin Tendulkar’s son Arjun Tendulkar scored a century on his Ranji Trophy debut, 34 years after his father achieved the same feat.

Arjun scored his ton on Day 2 of the Goa’s Ranji Trophy match against Rajasthan on Wednesday (December 14).

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