Sagittarius Horoscope Today:Daily prediction for July7,’22 states, wedding bells | Astrology

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21) It is a good day for Sagittarians. Say your prayers and give thanks to the power above for all the blessings! A strong financial position will enable to fulfil many ambitions. Lucrative returns are foreseen from a new investment plan. The professional front will need a calm and collected approach. Stay patient and try to stay focused at your workplace. Eventually, everything will fall in place. Being open with the people you hold close may allow you to resolve all misunderstandings that have cropped up recently. Wedding bells may toll committed couples. Sagittarius-born students intending to go abroad will have to work harder to attain desirable outcomes. The day will also be suitable for those who are working in the field of research or investigation. Avoid travelling as it can impact your health negatively. Those new to a city will succeed in finding the right accommodation.

Sagittarius Finance Today Your intelligence and goodwill will be strong in the market which will give you profit in business. Those associated with import and export and foreign projects are likely to get success. Lucrative money-making opportunities can come your way today, Sagittarians!

Sagittarius Family Today Non-cooperation of family members may lead to stress and tension. Try to understand the reason for their anger instead of reacting hastily. Success in seeing things in a different light will restore happiness and joy in your relationships.

Sagittarius Career Today At times, you may feel the urge to change your job due to the lack of job satisfaction but you are advised to go ahead only when the time is right. Today, you may have to work harder in your workplace and some challenges are foreseen.

Sagittarius Health Today You will remain positive today which will reflect well on your health and overall well-being. You are likely to be spiritually inclined and experience spiritual bliss. Sagittarians working towards fixed health goals need to celebrate even small successes to keep up the motivation.

Sagittarius Love Life Today The chances of you tying the knot with your romantic partner are high. You may even get the blessings of your elders for the same. Single Sagittarius natives will be attracted to the opposite sex and may experience some heady emotions.

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Colour: Cream

By: Manisha Koushik, Dr Prem Kumar Sharma

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